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Our Story: Established Locally to Serve Locally

In June 2013, LAMB Labor Services, Inc. was formed by a single individual to fulfill a specific need — help a local company by providing manpower. That individual is Len Gilmore, current owner and operator of our labor outsourcing / recruiting agency. And that company was a local manufacturer in Paynesville, MN that needed assistance with its packaging requirements.

"I got a group of people together for this company, and we spent about two months assembling product at night… The owner said, 'Wow, if you can find us people that are willing to work at night, how about finding us people to work during the day?'" — Quotes by Len Gilmore. Vicki, I. (2018, August). LAMB Labor Services, Inc. places the right people with the right company. The Paynesville Press.

After the question was asked, an idea emerged, and it did not take long for Len to take action. Upon establishing the business as a labor outsourcing agency, Len quickly realized the needs of other manufacturing businesses to find quality help. His own experiences in the hard-working, fast-paced manufacturing industry fueled his drive to develop a solution for this problem too.

Fast-forward a number of years and Len is still helping provide manpower, but on a larger scale. Today our Paynesville-based agency provides labor outsourcing solutions for countless businesses throughout central Minnesota. Along with that, LAMB Labor Services, Inc. has also grown to become a staffing agency, pairing the right people with the right company. And, it is no longer just Len; LAMB now has a growing team ready to help your company find willing and qualified candidates to fill your open positions.

We can become your labor outsourcing solution as well as your labor recruiting agency.

LAMB Labor Services upper management and office staff
Exterior of LAMB Labor Services staffing agency and warehouse facility in Paynesville, MN with all their company vehicles parked in a row

Our Leader: About Len Gilmore

Len Gilmore, founder and current owner / operator of LAMB Labor Services, Inc., has an extensive history within the manufacturing trades. As an Army veteran and a self-proclaimed workaholic, he is not one to shy away from labor-intensive work; and he looks for those same characteristics in the individuals that he hires.

Len's experience and skills in the metals and plastics industries include plastic injection, extrusion, blow molding, pull trusion, ram trusion, metal welding, laser cutting, punch press, and all other metal equipment and tooling operations. Along with working on the shop floor, his background also includes holding positions as a plant manager of a metal fabricating facility, a plant manager of an OEM facility, and auto sales associate. Len's combined experience as a laborer and manager make him an ideal leader to head a company focused on hiring employees for these types of jobs.

Fun Fact: The name LAMB represents the members of Len's family (Len, his wife Amy, daughter Maggie, and daughter Brianna).

Our Services: Digging Deeper

In the area of labor outsourcing, LAMB Labor Services, Inc. primarily works with manufacturing-based businesses to help improve productivity. Working in this capacity, we provide assembly, kitting, and packaging services at our own facility in Paynesville — 115 Business 23 East. Our facility offers 3,000 square feet of production space, as well as an additional 4,200 square feet of warehouse storage. We can assemble, package, store, and then ship when ready — with all of it meeting your company's specifications.

In the area of labor recruiting, we partner with area businesses — primarily manufacturing and production based employers — to find applicants to fill their vacant part-time and full-time positions. However, we do more than simply send bodies. When companies partner with LAMB they receive the Len Gilmore method of staffing. You can tell us what you do, but we want to see it. Before we send any personnel to work under your roof, we first familiarize ourselves with your facility, your products, and how you do business. From there we can best pair one of our staffers with your open position.

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