Custom Packaging & Assembly

Custom Packaging & Assembly

LAMB Labor Services, Inc. has over seven years of experience in product assembly and manufacturing. Our veteran founder and current owner/operator with over twenty years of expertise in the field has passionately designed this company to offer you a full range of packaging, assembly, and kitting solutions. We have diversified our services for assembly in a variety of fields, including electrical components, landscape and nursery, and house manufacturing products. Customization for your next project is our specialty, and we would love to work with you.

As a qualified production company, LAMB's facility is equipped with all the essential in-house machinery for custom packaging, kitting, crafting, and boxing fulfillment. Box sealers, bag sealers, conveyors, and multiple bulk container tippers are just a few of our amenities which allow for precision and accuracy in the completion of your orders. Our shipping and receiving capabilities, in addition to warehousing opportunity, make us a perfect fit for all your custom packaging needs.

We ensure quality control on all products using scale monitoring throughout individualized bag production as well as master/case filling. With our attention to detail and skilled workers, you can be assured that your orders will always be completed with the highest level of care.

Questions or ready to get started? Call us at 320-266-3059 for a quote for your product.

LAMB Labor Services, Inc. can provide all your customized production needs and will happily adapt to work with you to meet the needs of your company.

LAMB Labor Services' Custom packaging and assembly.

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