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  • On-Going Staffing
  • Seasonal
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Urine Analysis Testing for 5 Drugs*
  • Criminal Background Checks*
  • Employee Pre-Screening
  • EOE
  • Veteran Friendly
  • Handle Employee Issues (we are as involved as you want us to be)

*Optional, and conducted at no-cost to your company.

Employers: End the Labor Search with LAMB
Our goal is to find quality, motivated employees to help your business prosper and grow.

As a rural Minnesota labor agency (located in Paynesville, MN) we primarily focus on assisting rural-based businesses — those surrounding Paynesville and within the manufacturing, production, packaging, welding, construction, automotive, and dairy industries. We focus on these industries not only because there is a local need, but also because our owner / operator Len Gilmore has in-depth experience working in those fields.

However, while LAMB focuses on the labor and staffing needs of labor-intensive businesses, we are always open to assisting with the labor needs of companies in any industry. We have successfully assisted with the staffing needs of insurance agencies, small engine repair shops, office positions, IT, shipping / receiving departments, and more.

No matter what industry your business falls under, there is a good chance we can provide the labor solution(s) you need. LAMB does not just send bodies; we do our best to make a suitable pairing right from the start. We qualify our staffers, ensuring that the individual we pair with your company is competent to handle the job. But first and foremost, we also qualify your business — making sure it is an ideal fit for any staffer that is sent.

Our rates are very competitive and after 90 days of full-time employment you have the option to hire the person(s) with no further obligation to LAMB Labor Services, Inc.

Local Outsourcing: Providing Jobs for Local People
Providing production and warehouse storage of your products within our facility.

Aside from acting as a staffing agency, LAMB can also benefit your business in a labor outsourcing capacity. Within our own facility we currently staff full-time, part-time, and on-call employees who are able to work day or night. Our staff can act as your company's labor partner.

Our current facility at 115 Business 23 East is setup with 3,000 square feet of production assembly space, as well as 4,200 square feet of warehouse storage space. If this does not meet your space requirements, we also maintain close relationships with local manufacturer's to utilize their facilities / warehouses / loading docks when needed. Contact us for more information on solutions to your labor requirements.

Our Experiences

  • Packaging
  • Kitting
  • Crating
  • Boxing
  • Hot Stamping (foil printing)
  • Placement
  • Assembly
  • Shipping

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